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...... #1   66 Page S&H + ANY of the +100 chapters ISN® (edited)- List attached -

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.....66 Page S&H + 10 ISN® (201 pg) (edited) + Any +100 ISN® chapters added (edited )- List attached -

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"We Build It" Option A: This is Option 2  ~  (201 Page Manual-Edited) ~  PLUS 8 Chapters of your choosing  (in bulk, we don't edit the additional 8 chapters you select, you do.  We only edit the 10 chapters in your 201 page manual).   Your Price only $459.95

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AFFORDABLE  Safety Lesson Plans and Safety Training Program

Copyright and Disclaimer


---- List of chapters further below  ---


You can also email us the below Table with the chapters you want circled!  Email it to,

You can also FAX the Table to:  1-720-207-9922 or call it in to Frank at 800-205-1050

To print the below +100 Safety Chapters Table, print page 4 of 4

10 Chapters below, with the **  , are included in the 201 page manual ($299.95), above.

Abrasive Blasting

Access to Medical Records

Aerial Lifts


Ammonia Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos - Containing Pipe Coating Removal

Asbestos Management / Maintenance Work

Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor (GFCI)

Behavior Based Safety


**Bloodborne Pathogens**

Butadiene Awareness


Cold Weather /  Stress

Commercial Diving (US)

Compressed Air Plan

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Confined Space

Confined Space (CalOSHA)

Construction Crane

Contractor-Subcontractor Working Relations

Crane Operator - Offshore

**Disciplinary Program**

Driving Safety

(Non-DOT) Drug & Alcohol Policy

Electrical High-Voltage (CalOSHA)

Electrical Low-Voltage (CalOSHA)

Electrical Safety Awareness - Qualified/Non-Qualified

Electrical Welding (CalOSHA)

Emergency Action Plan

Exposure Assessment Plan

**Fall Protection**

Fall Protecion (CalOSHA)

Fatigue Management

**Fire Protection/Extinguishers**

**First Aid/CPR**

Fit for Duty

Forklift and Motorized Industrial Truck

Gaseous Chlorine Awareness

Gas Hazards

Gas Systems for Welding (CalOSHA)

General Safety-Health Provision

General Waste Management

**Hand & Power Tools-General**


HazCom (CalOSHA)

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

HAZWOPER/Emergency Response


Heat Illness (CalOSHA)

Heat Illness Prevention (US)

Hexavalent Chromium (US)


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Inert Space Entry

Injury/Illness Recordkeeping

Injury and lllness Prevention Program (CalOSHA)

In Plant Rail Safety

Ionizing Radiation

ISO 26000 - The Environment

Job Competency

Journey Management Plan

**Ladder Safety**


Lead Awareness

Live Line Tools

Lockout / Tagout

Management of Change (MOC)

Manual Lifting

Marine Transportation

Mobile Crane - Onshore

Mechanical Equipment Operations Near Energized Lines

Mobile Equipment

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

NFPA 70E (Electrical)

Nitrogen Awareness

Noise Awareness

**Noise Exposure / Hearing Protection & Conservation**

Offshore Helicopter Safety

Overhead & Gantry Crane / Rigging (US)

Pandemic Preparedness

Perforating Operations

Permit To Work

**PPE Assessments / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)**

Preventative Maintenance

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Respiratory Protection

Rigging Material Handling

Rigging-US (CalOSHA)
Rigging Offshore

Safe Return to Work


Scaffold (CalOSHA)

Short Service Employee

Signaling Cranes


Spill Prevention and Response

Stop Work Authority

Subcontractor Management Plan

Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation (CalOSHA)

Vacuum Trucks

Water Survival / Offshore Orientation

Welding, Cutting & Hot Work

Well Control Offshore

Working Alone

Working Near Water

Work On/Near Overhead Lines

We also have "Mining/Surface - Coal" Chapters, below

Accident Reporting

Electrical Safety

Fall Protection

General Safety

Machinery & Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Training of Miners

Welding & Cutting

Working Under Suspended Loads

Are we missing a chapter/topic you need to address in your safety manual?  Please give us a call.  800-205-1050.