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Safety Program Manual


We have sold many of these to Restaurants, School Districts, and Businesses in the Food Service Industry

Editable....written in Microsoft Word!  

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Your Safety Program Manual will include the Basic 69 Page Safety and Health Program Topics:
Please click here to see Sample Pages from the Basic 69 page Manual
Safety and Health Policy Statement Employee Safety Handbook
Safety Policy Elements Equipment & Machinery Tag Out Program
Safety Education and Training Program Hazard Prevention and Control
Safety and Health Communication Property Maintenance
Hazard Identification and Communication (HAZCOM) Emergency Action Plan
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Responsibilities OSHA Recordkeeping and Posting Requirements
Safety Inspection Checklist OSHA Inspection
Accident and Incident Reporting Hazardous Material Spill Response
First Aid and Medical Treatment Bloodborne Pathogens

and  will include the below Restaurant and other Food Service Industry Businesses Specific Chapters:

Food Service Personal Protective Equipment
Back and Lifting Safety Ergonomics
Appliance Safety Electrical Safety
Security and Employee Theft Fire Prevention and  Extinguisher Safety
Office Safety Workplace Violence / Working Alone

All the above Chapters will be included in Your Safety Program Manual!

200 Pages!

Your Manual will already be page numbered and it will have Your Business Name Throughout the Document!

Yours for only $249.95

Need to add other topics to your safety manual, like

Safe Work Practices,

Heat Stress,  Hand Wrist and Arm Safety,

Machine and Machine Guarding Safety,

Motor Vehicle Driving Safety (for pick-up and deliveries) ?

Only $25 extra per chapter.  Here's a link to our Upgrade Chapters page:

Add-On Chapters Upgrade Page

We have over 230 chapters you can pick from and add to the above package.  

Extremely Easy to Edit!

(Microsoft WORD)

Written in Microsoft WORD as a WORD Document!....So Easy To Edit!....

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for only $249.95

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Add-On Chapters Upgrade Page

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Questions? Please call Frank at 800-205-1050  or 303-457-4506